Woman Police Officer Quits Job; Turns Into ‘Adult’ Star & Buys A Lamborghini

Since quitting her day job to sell racy pictures and videos of herself online, a former police officer is now worth millions.

Charlotte, from Essex in the United Kingdom, was 20 years old when she left the police force after just one year because of the “male-dominated” working climate.


Charlotte has made a cool $2.3 million (£1.3 million) on OnlyFans, a platform where viewers can buy saucy material from writers. She is only 27 years old.

Charlotte, an animal lover, told Jam Press that she wanted to be a veterinarian as a child and had been admitted to Cambridge University, but chose to postpone for a year. She joined the police force with the intention of becoming a dog trainer, but was quickly discouraged by the work culture and the length of time it would take her to advance.


“I passed my qualifications, but it was clear right away that it wasn’t for me, and the work was heavily dominated by men.”

“I realized I could spend ten years trying to get into the dog unit and never get in, so I left after one year at the age of twenty.”

Charlotte was one of only 100 women invited to join OnlyFans at its inception in 2016, after doing some glamour and lingerie modeling.


She kept her content ‘tame’ and within her comfort zones, but she didn’t devote much time to the web because she didn’t see it as a viable source of income; “I’d just put up a picture every few weeks and then forget about it,” she said.

However, as the website grew in popularity in late 2018, Charlotte decided to take it more seriously and began posting more regularly, devoting 14 to 16 hours a day to her OnlyFans presence.

“I’ve always been a business person, so I wanted to put in more effort and give it my all.” Her earnings skyrocketed after a year of earning $18k (£10k) per month, and she now earns between $207k and $270k (£115k to £150k) per month.

Everyone thinks OnlyFans is only p*rn – which I have nothing against, but I don’t watch that kind of stuff,” she explained. “My page is really tame, but it works because I’m niche – a lot of pages are hardcore, but I won’t do that because I want my page to stand out.

Charlotte’s content includes roleplay, fantasies, and talking directly to the camera “as if it’s a man,” which has allowed her to form relationships with a select group of her most devoted fans.


“I know their kids’ names, their work titles, and if they’re having a rough day, I’ll give them a voice message and some pictures of my dogs to cheer them up.” “I have a devoted following that tells me they wouldn’t remain on my page if I were more explicit, and I succeed by standing out from the crowd.”

Other female content creators on OnlyFans are “shocked” to hear that Charlotte receives as much as she does without being more frank on video, according to Charlotte.

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