Why Many Men Don’t Want to Make Their Relationships Public

Often, especially at the beginning, men want to keep a relationship private. But remember that things aren’t always as they seem until you believe this is negatively motivated. Concern for friends and family and the desire to make everyone happy may be among the reasons they like to keep their relationships more private.


1. He doesn’t want mutual friends to know about it yet.


A lot of guys don’t want to be harassed by the views of others. They might start asking a lot of questions about private stuff when it comes to a couple’s mutual friends, which could end up bothering both partners in the relationship.


Being careful and waiting a while before telling someone about the relationship and revealing it when things get more serious is the best way to treat the situation. If these people are true mates, certainly they’ll approve!


2. He’s concerned about the approval of his family.

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He may want to wait before telling them about the relationship if he comes from a conservative family or has parents who have very accurate opinions about who he should be dating.


In these situations, communication is key: try to find the correct way to address the family and consider their vision.


3. He thinks the relationship is more exciting if it’s a secret.

It’s very normal for guys to think that the relationship would be more fun and hot with an aura of mystery.


Oh, and why not? For a moment, it might be a way to appreciate life even more!


4. He’s not sure about his feelings.

Men can be just as insecure as women, particularly when it comes to feelings and new relationships. Before revealing it to the world, he may wish to see where things are heading.


Time is key: soon enough, he will know whether or not it is true love.


5. The couple has the same friends and he’s worried about announcing the relationship to the group.



At first, if they were friends and then became a couple without telling anyone, he would be concerned about how this might affect the inner relationships within the group of friends.


But everybody understands that true friendship can conquer everything!


6. He just ended another relationship and it’s too soon.


There may be more than one specific explanation why he needs to keep the relationship a secret if this is the case:


Since they just broke up, he doesn’t want to hurt his ex’s feelings.

He wants to shield his real girlfriend from this ex from any negativity.

He could still have feelings for the ex and feels in the near future they might maybe get back together.

The best way to treat things in this kind of situation is to carefully examine his logic without manipulating him.


7. He worries that someone could steal his girlfriend.

Jealousy may be one of the reasons for his silence. If a guy is really into his girlfriend, he may think she could be stolen by any of his buddies.


Trust is an integral element of a partnership. He’s got to be sure he’s the only one for this lady, and he’ll yell it out to the world only then.


8. Everyone has feelings for him in his circle of friends.

At any party, this can a happen-one friend can establish feelings without being reciprocated by them. This may very well be a justification for a guy to want a relationship to be more private in order not to destroy the equilibrium of the community or damage the buddy too much.


If the relationship is serious, he’ll be transparent about it with all his friends when the time comes and there will be no problem.


9. He does not want to hear the thoughts of other people about it.


Some guys are very personal and don’t care about judgment and the views of other people. To stop needless conversations and arguments, they think the safest way to manage the relationship is to keep it private.


He might not be entirely incorrect in this situation. Privacy is an integral aspect of a partnership. For this reason, just telling close friends and family may be the right thing to do.


10. If he gets dumped, he is afraid of ruining his reputation.


For most men, particularly those who have a prominent profession or who are famous, public appearance is important. For this reason, if they get dumped by a girl, they could be scared of ruining their reputation.


This may sound like nonsense from a female viewpoint, but girls should try to grasp this logic and know that there’s no need to hide it if the relationship is intense.


Which of these explanations do you consider to be the most justifiable? Did it ever happen to you? In the comments, tell us!

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