Who Sigma Males Are, and Why They’re So Popular

You may have heard of a confident and bossy alpha male once or twice in your life. It seems like this personality style is the center of both men’s and women’s focus. Men are taught to behave like alphas, however, there are those who don’t care about the rules and yet manage to be attractive. So, believe it or not, alpha males can not be what they’re cracked up to be.

What a sigma male is

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A sigma male is a guy who doesn’t need approval from other people. He’s not loud or brash but cool and collected. A sigma male is an introverted but confident man. Sigmas are beyond the norm and they don’t usually fit into categories because they themselves are rare.

Alpha male vs sigma male

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Sigma and alpha males are equal and share several common characteristics. They’re both secure in their life decisions and target big. The biggest difference lies in their mindset. Sigmas like to remain outside the hierarchy, while Alphas tend to be at the top of it. The latter gain success by scaling the hierarchy ladder. Sigmas, on the other hand, don’t belong to any tribe.

Traits of a sigma male

They don’t care about expectations.

Alphas stand at the end, betas are supporters, and sigmas, well, simply don’t fit the mold. Hierarchy is nothing for them, and all the standards and patterns that society (and alphas in particular) set are irrelevant to sigmas. You can’t tell them how to dress or how to behave. They do what they want.

They’re rule breakers.

Much like alphas, sigma males struggle with authority. Sigmas are typically self-employed and keep harmony and flexibility in high regard. It’s easier for them to work on their own so they have no trouble handling their time and organizing themselves.

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They don’t seek validation.

Sigma males don’t depend on luxuries to feel full and effective. They don’t try to validate themselves with costly stuff because they realize that materialistic items can’t compensate for self-worth. So they drive whatever they want, wear whatever they prefer, and don’t do what alphas tell them to do. “You do you” is their slogan.

They don’t open up to everyone.

Sigmas don’t boast about their successes or huge dreams on social media. Their passions are private. People also find them cagey and discreet. It takes a lot of time to get to know sigmas. They don’t feel the need to share their personal information. They need ego boosts and affirmation like fish need bicycles.

They’re leaders that remain humble.

Sigma males are lone wolves, but, given the right circumstances, they transform into strong leaders. They inspire others with their enthusiasm and commitment. Sigmas in high roles are never high and mighty, which is why they’re respected.

They prioritize their own lifestyle.

Sigma males are picky about their habits and nothing is worse for them than a controlling human. They don’t stick to other people’s wishes. Sigmas alter only if they really want to.

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They’re confident introverts.

Sigmas don’t like being in the limelight and prefer spending time alone. While sigmas often go unnoticed, they have just as much trust as alphas. The only thing that sets them apart is alphas’ extraversion.

Personal space is vital.

Sigma males need a lot of personal space to fulfill their aim to learn and accomplish. They can unexpectedly make dramatic changes, including disappear in order to follow their passion. Sigmas don’t let anything stand in their path.

Why they’re so popular

A sigma male has a cloak of mystery around him, which makes him interesting. It’s hard to disregard his intellect and freedom. Sigmas never obey the crowd and don’t seek acceptance. This is what makes this type so appealing to both men and women. On the other hand, it could just be another pattern that will pass on its own.

The meaning of a sigma male has caused a lot of noise online. Some men think it’s stupid while others search for ways to become one. Do you agree that men can be categorized as alphas, betas, and sigmas?

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