Too Much’ Oral Sex Can Lead To Cancer,

Did you know that if you have too much oral sex, it can lead to cancer? No, we wish we were kidding but sadly we’re not. A study done by a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University found out that ‘too much’ oral sex can increase the chances of getting mouth and throat cancer.


The study shows the correlation between oral sex and human papillomavirus (HPV).

More than 500 people took a behavioral survey which was based on their sexual activities. Researchers kept in mind key points like- person’s age, the age when they had sex for the first time, how many people have they had oral sex within a short span of time.

The study also suggests that if a subject has had 10 oral sex partners then the person has 4.3 times higher chances of getting HPV-related cancer.

Moreover, engaging in oral sex at a younger age and having multiple partners in a short span of time also increases the risk of contracting the same.

Not just that, researchers in the study found that subjects with older sexual partners at a young age were at risk of getting cancer. This also applied to subjects who had extramarital sex.

The study also mentions that participants who engage in oral sex before having coitus for the first time also put those subjects at an increased risk of contracting HPV.

Why? As per the researchers, a contact through the genitals the first time sets the body to come up with a ‘robust immune response.’


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