The State of the World for Young People

Stress, depression, and low self-esteem plague the younger generations of today’s society the entire world over. Young generations are in general faring worse mentally than most of their predecessors and nothing seems to reverse this course for newer generations either.

In this article we will take a look at the world that young people are trying to make their way in as of now, and which world they will inherit in the future decades.

Buying and Owning a House – Feasible?

There was once upon a time where you could buy your own house paid for by a single wage in an unskilled profession. To many young people today that sounds like a blatant fantasy out of touch with reality, but it was in fact true in the 50’s and 60’s.

Today the housing market has gone in a terribly different direction. If you want to own a house for yourself you will have to take out a very large loan that you will be paying off for most of your life before you can call it truly your own.

Young people are looking at a future where renting places will become the new trend, and with so many other things not something you can ever truly own.

A Job Market with Unrealistic Expectations

Once a student at college has gotten themselves an education, and a large debt to go along with it, they are now at the mercy of the job market to make a living. But time and time again they face employers and firms that expect, quite frankly, the absurd and superhuman.

Several years of prior experience for entry positions, low and meager wages, and the endless threat of one’s position being threatened due to high competition in most sectors of the market. It will be many turbulent years of job searching before one might find something semi-decent to settle on.

A Failed Democracy

All over much of the Western World we see symptoms of democracy failing time and time again. In the US there barely is an actual democracy. You just choose between two candidates that are decided by big firms.

In Europe populism has become firmly rooted and makes all parties sound the same. The voice that democracy used to give people to express their concerns and promote change has been blocked out by irrationalism and bickering.

An Uncertain World

Young people grow up in an uncertain world today. Everything changes, there is nothing they can be sure of. They just have to drift along the currents and hope they do not hit a sharp rock on their way down the river. It is a life of gamble and chance.

Therefore, it is not surprising that young people have a hard time adapting to this landscape and finding their own place in it. Maybe it will change for the better, maybe it will not. Only time can tell.

An uncertain world breeds generations of uncertain individuals and it shows quite clearly. This is a development we will have to keep a close eye on for the good of society.

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