Priyanka Chopra opens up on her last big break up in 2016, shares she went through a terrible time dealing with it

Desi girl Priyanka Chopra has made hearts flutter with her charm and confidence. But just like all of us even PeeCee has faced several heartbreaks and break-up in her life. The Fashion actress recently released her memoir Unfinished in which she spoke about how she had created a painful pattern for herself when it came to dating.


In her book, while the actress has spoken at length about dealing with heartbreaks however she refrained from mentioning names of her ex-boyfriends. “As almost all my days were spent working on location and on set, most of my adult romantic relationships were with public people. I respect the privacy of those people and I respect my own, too- most of us are married now, and some of us have children- so I don’t see the need to name names. And this conversation is not about them. It’s about me. It’s about my emotional evolution. It’s about the growth it took to get where I am today in terms of understanding that true partnership is a two-way street,” wrote the actress.


Speaking about her last big break-up in 2016, Priyanka said that she consciously decided to take a dating hiatus. The actress said that she needed time to understand why whatever she was doing in her relationships wasn’t working. It was also during 2016 when the actress moved to New York to shoot her television show Quantico.


At that time, PeeCee was not only nursing a broken heart but she was also facing the pain caused by the death of her father in 2013. In her book describing that phase, the Barfi actress wrote that she stopped going outside except for shoots. She couldn’t sleep at night and even gained weight. She mentioned feeling numb, lonely and sad. No one understood what she was going through because she didn’t share her feelings with anyone.



“I was still grieving my father and still nursing a broken heart from a previous relationship. I was mostly Alone. I would eat by myself, watch TV by myself and stay up well into the early morning hours even though that meant I got little sleep. I put on almost 20 pounds. On social media, people made unkind comments about my weight, in texts, friends took me to task for backing out of the few plans for drinks or dinner that I had forced myself to make,” reads a part of the actress’ book.

The actress is now married to Nick Jonas. The couple tied the knot in 2019 and they are painting the town red with their romance.

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