How to build conversation with girl

All of us want to build conversation with girls we like but most of the time we do not have idea how to start a conversation.

Here are some tips for the starter how to go on with our crush.

text her instantly –

Don’t wait for much longer after meeting and text within 1 day of meeting.

This won’t make her think that you aren’t interested in her.

Wait for reply-

After texting her wait for reply and do not text her repeatedly in case of no reply.

Ask her question-

Try to ask her different question about her likes and dislikes.

Ask about her opinion regarding different things.

Do not ask her political question or discuss politics with her.

Compliment her-

do not give her obvious compliment and try to notice her small details and pass compliment.

Do not over compliment her like it begin to sound fake and like a buttering.

Send her standard good morning text-

Do not wish her good morning everyday it becomes boring if you do it everyday.

Wish good morning with some extra sentences like a well wisher for her.

Avoid using too much emoji-

Using too much emoji will make you look like childish and very animated.

She might lose interest if you overuse emojis.

Send her random text-

Send her text with link of your favorite song and ask her to listen it.

Send images of what kind of activity you are engaged in instead of sending your images.

Text her with a motive-

You should decide that where you want this conversation to head toward.

You want to take her out?

You want to ask her for dinner?

You want to go on long drive with her?

Ask all these question to yourself.

Do not try too hard on text if girl don’t want to get in relationship with you nothing gonna change no matter what you say or for her.

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