EXCLUSIVE: Choti Sarrdaarni’s Kratika Sengar on judgements post break: People feel she doesn’t want to work

Kratika Sengar was last seen in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki alongside Sharad Malhotra. The show tugged at the heartstrings of fans who loved the show and are desperately been waiting for the makers to plan the second season of it. Post that, Kratika Sengar was on a break from work. During a recent chat with Bollywood Bubble, we asked Kratika if she faced any judgements for being away from work. Replying positively to it, Kratika told us that like many others, she too faced it. The actress who has joined Choti Sarrdaarni cast also opened up on her new stint and what keeps her away from taking up a web show. Over to Kratika Sengar:

What made you finally say yes to a show, Kratika? I remember you had waited for the right project to come your way?

When they approached me, they told me Nimrit is unwell and cannot shoot for some time, it could be a few weeks or a month also. So they just wanted to introduce a new character to shift the focus for some time. I have not replaced her. The character is very mysterious and thrilling. I thought that I could do it as it is exciting. There is a lot of pressure and challenge playing this character and that’s why I took it.

Did you have second thoughts about taking it up?

I had 10 thousand thoughts before saying yes but the team convinced me. They promised me what I wanted.

How has it been on the new sets?

Surprisingly, I met with them for the first time and we are already gelling up well. It doesn’t like I have joined them so much later, the show has been running for close to two years, so I was skeptical about how will they accept me but it has been a warm welcome for me.


What about web shows? Offers must be coming in, are you looking forward to taking up any?

Whatever web shows I have been approached for, I don’t see myself fit into that. I am not comfortable doing a few things, be it any medium. I don’t think I will be able to comfortable doing that. That’s why I stick to TV because there I don’t need to do that.

You did happen to take a long sabbatical from work. Did you have to face judgements and make an extra effort for people to know that you are willing to work?

Absolutely! This is something we all face when we take a break, even if sometimes we are unable to work because of personal reasons, people think oh she is on a break, she doesn’t want to come back, now she wants a family. But No, Once an actor always an actor. You might want to take a break in between to spend time with your family which in these times is important because it might lead to anxiety, depression, so it is important to be around your loved ones. In 2018 when Kasam went off-air, I went through a minor surgery which was being postponed for the longest time. Then in 2019, again a personal crisis hit so it took my entire time. I wasn’t in the space to resume work. 2020, when things got better in my life, lockdown happened. It wasn’t a pre-planned long break, it just happened.

What about Kasam Season 2. Is it happening? A lot of rumours around it… if it happens, will you want to take it up?

I don’t know, I haven’t heard about it. I have only read it in news myself but nobody has approached me. I would love to Kasam again, anytime. It was a picnic on sets.

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