9 Things Men Do That Make Each and Every Woman Melt

Sometimes modern girls believe that chivalry exists only in books or movies. But we want to assure you that it’s not actually like this. There are still true gentlemen in our world.

Bright Side has no doubts that nowadays there are real heroes among men who make girls’ hearts beat faster. Here are 9 everyday gestures that turn a man into Prince Charming.

1. Opening doors

A man who is not too lazy to get out of the car and open the car door for his lady is certainly attentive and well mannered. It’s very important for him to know that his lady feels safe and comfortable. Every girl will appreciate this gesture that may seem insignificant at first.

2. Saving the last bite of food


Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No matter how corny this sounds, it’s true. If a man saves the last bite of his meal for a woman, it means he cares for her and loves her sincerely. Trust us, it’s actually a big deal.

3. Spending lots of time with your family

If a man is genuinely interested in your baby pictures, funny stories about your siblings, and he chooses to spend time with your parents rather than going to play soccer with his colleagues on the weekend, you can be sure he’s “the one.” Even small gestures toward your family show that your significant one loves and values you and all your close people because family is the most important thing for everyone.

4. Introducing you to everyone


A true gentleman knows for sure that if he doesn’t introduce his lady when he meets a friend on the street and decides to chat with him, the poor girl will feel unwanted. An attentive man won’t let such a situation happen, as he cares about his lady and needs to know she feels comfortable.

5. Giving presents for no reason

Today’s princes don’t need any special occasion to send flowers to their ladies or give them a gift. It’s just that random day when, coming back from work, he notices a lovely bouquet in a shop window, remembers his girlfriend, mom, or close friend, and decides to buy it just because it will make his favorite person smile.

6. Always protecting you

It’s one more small gesture that not every girl will notice. However, it’s quite obvious that by choosing to walk on the outside of the sidewalk a man is determined to protect his lady from any unexpected situations and any serious consequences. Without any doubts, this is a gesture of real gentlemen!

7. Kissing your forehead

If a man expresses his feelings for his loved one by tenderly kissing her forehead, this means he’s very attached to her. And she, in turn, is incredibly happy to feel his love and care.

8. Filling up your gas tank

This is a nice surprise that demonstrates that your man is that true gentleman every woman dreams of. By doing this, a man tries to show his girlfriend how much he cares for her without expecting anything in return.

9. Always helping you to put on a coat

Of course, a woman can put on her coat herself, but it’s not a question of ability. A well-mannered man always holds out your coat for you or gives you his when it’s cold.

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