25+ Photos of Istanbul That May Turn Your Perception of Turkey Upside Down

Istanbul is a truly unique city. Travelers who were lucky enough to visit this place are eager to share their impressions and note that this point on the map is a completely different Turkey. This country is often perceived as a place for an inexpensive beach holiday, and people sometimes forget about its rich history and unique atmosphere. Plus, people with hearts of gold live there. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our article and see for yourself.

we agrees that virtual travels will never replace real trips. But sometimes, good photo collections can say more about a country or city than any travel booklet could.

Kind-hearted city dwellers build insulated houses for homeless cats.

  • Istanbul is a city of cats. You can see them everywhere, and they aren’t afraid of people at all. And they always have houses and bowls full of food provided by kind people at their disposal. © Pepperucho / Pikabu

And stray dogs aren’t forgotten either.

A view from the Istanbul University library

It snows here too.

  • I live in Istanbul. Yesterday, we had 0.8 inches of snow. Educational facilities are closed, transportation doesn’t work, and exams have been postponed. © Sapro / Pikabu

A sunset in Istanbul

There are 2 types of public toilets.

The stalls in public bathrooms are divided into 2 types — ones with conventional toilets and ones with floor-standing toilets. Moreover, the Turks themselves consider the second option to be more hygienic. This type of toilet is easier to clean, and a person doesn’t have to touch its seat.

This is not Amsterdam, let alone Porto. This is the Balat area in Fatih, Istanbul.

This is probably one of the most unusual mosques in the city. And there are about 3,000 of them in Istanbul.

The name of this mosque is Marmara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Camii.

Tombili is a street cat who sat pensively for days leaning with his paw on the pavement. The cat died in 2016, and the city dwellers installed a monument in memory of him.

“And here is the view from my window in Istanbul on the thirty-sixth floor. At night, it’s 100 times more beautiful.”

One of the most fashionable and famous hotels in Istanbul is located in a former prison.

The luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Sultanahmet Square is the undisputed leader on the list of the most unusual hotels in Istanbul. This place used to be full of cells for prisoners, and now, there are luxurious suites for wealthy travelers. The prison was built in 1918 in the very center of the city. At the entrance, the inscription that reads: “The Istanbul Center for the Content of Criminals” has been preserved.

If you drink tea, then this is the only way.

The train station in Istanbul

Another example of caring for animals can be seen with these smart feeders for street dogs and cats that have been installed around the city.

  • The feeder is combined with a bin for recyclable waste, like paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass. Every time you throw garbage in the trash can, food and water for the animals flow from the tank to the bowl. © nukaktovottak / Pikabu
  • You throw in an empty bottle and 0.04 lb of food for stray dogs and cats spills out. © sveta04 / Pikabu

Sancaklar is the first underground mosque, which is located at a depth of almost 23 feet.

  • In 2013, it won the architecture prize for Best Religious Building at the World Architecture Festival.
  • In 2018, it received the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Award for innovation, design excellence, and execution. It was included in the list of the 20 best new buildings in the world.

“I saw a Lamborghini Urus in Istanbul today. This is a taxi, by the way.”

Maiden’s Tower (Kız kulesi)

  • Oh, this photo shows the atmosphere of this place so precisely… Well, I suppose it’s nice to watch this from the comfort of a ferry with a glass of hot salep in your hand. © oooooook / Pikabu

Locals cover stray dogs with blankets during bad weather.

A strong thunderstorm over Istanbul

“I recently spent a few days in Istanbul with a friend. According to him, this is a typical Turkish breakfast with which he starts every day.”

An everyday situation on a city bus

Istanbul is a city of contrasts.

Brilliant! A charging station for gadgets in public transport!

The beauty of the Hagia Sophia is mesmerizing and stunning.

Istanbul’s advanced public transport fare payment system

The waters of the Bosphorus are sometimes painted in such an unusual shade.

Even doors are a work of art here.

“When people ask me what Istanbul looks like, I show them this photo.”

  • I always tell everyone that Istanbul is like a wave. The houses are built on hills that rise and fall, as shown in this photo. © seenaithesin / Reddit

Would you like to see Istanbul with your own eyes? Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have already visited this city!

Preview photo credit esberat / reddit

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