21 Movie Tropes And Clichés That People Hate Because They Are Waaaaaay Overdone

Every movie has a few clichés, but many tropes have been exhausted and are more annoying to watch than others.

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That’s why Reddit user u/Gosenco asked, “What’s a movie trope you absolutely hate?”

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And the whole time I was reading the responses, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. Take a look for yourself:

1. “If your plot can only be maintained by your characters not having a simple conversation to resolve things, you’re a bad writer and I don’t like you.”


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2. “When a prosecutor introduces a surprise witness or evidence in the middle of a trial. You would get disbarred for pulling something like that.”


3. “If any woman between the ages of 16 and 50 vomits, it means they’re pregnant.”


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4. “When someone is fighting another person, falls to the ground, reaches with their hand, and magically there’s something there they can use to end the fight.”


5. “I hate the funny fat best friend or the quirky Black guy on the side or the smart Asian kid who has a cameo. Like damn, marginalized people can be the main characters in stories that aren’t just about their trauma!”


6. “When they turn on the TV at the exact moment a relevant news report starts.”


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7. “The misunderstanding trope where the significant other walks in on their spouse doing something that looks kinda suspicious without context and goes, ‘Wait, I can explain!’ One to two hours later, their partner goes ‘Why didn’t you just tell me that you weren’t cheating on me?’ I think that’s why I hate most rom-coms.”


8. “When teenagers are ripped beyond belief looking like they’re 26.”



9. “When people just park anywhere. When they’re running into city hall or the courthouse or the police station or an airport or wherever, they just park here literally right in front of the front door. Not only is that illegal, it’s not even physically possible in most cities/towns. They never show our heroes schlepping it from a parking garage two blocks away.”


10. “When people say, ‘As you know…’ I hate it when movie characters say this because it is the most obvious way of explaining exposition to the audience.”


11. “When characters who are about to kiss for the first time get interrupted. Every damn time. How many fucking times are they going to write that?”


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12. “When a character explains something in technical language and the other person says, ‘Uh, in English?’ It’s painfully unfunny and overdone.”


13. “Everything about being ‘knocked out.’ In real life, if your head is hit hard enough to render you unconscious, it’s called a concussion. It’s not something you can just wake up from.”



14. “When a date is made, and they just conclude by ‘Ok, see you tonight at 8!’ Like, where are we meeting? What are we going to do? Do I have to have dinner before? Will it include drinking, so do I leave my car at home? What do I wear?”



15. “When characters say ‘You have to trust me’ or ‘There’s no time to explain.’ In 9 out of 10 cases there’s definitely time to explain and the explanation would take less time than trying to convince the other party to just trust you.”


16. “I hate ‘the evil guy sacrifices himself in the end so they are good!’ trope. Like WTF, just because they died doesn’t erase the abuse, murder, and terrible acts that they already committed. It’s absolutely not a healthy way to portray people in real life either.”


17. “When the main character is randomly saved by some other character we haven’t seen for the last 20 minutes who just sneaks up from behind and shoots or hits the villain over the head. And literally NOBODY heard them coming, even if it’s wide-open in a field.”


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18. “I hate when the guy who bullies the gay kid ends up being gay. It’s even worse when they end up with the kid they bullied.”


19. “When someone is doing a lecture, their friend or colleague enters the room, and five seconds later the bell rings. The lecturer then gives instructions for the next lecture to the students while they are leaving the room.”


20. “When people have sex, and after the woman covers her chest with sheets and runs to the bathroom wrapped in said sheets. It’s been what, 60, 70 years? Even more? If you can’t imagine a creative and realistic way to not show a woman’s breasts, don’t shoot a sex scene.”



21. And finally, “Looking away from the road to have a full conversation while driving. It’s almost satisfying when there is a crash.”


What are some other movie tropes and clichés that you hate? Let us know in the comments!

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