13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

Since the dawn of time, women have aspired to be beautiful. Today, we give you a few of the secrets that have proven their value throughout history.

Olive oil

This substance was nicknamed “golden” by the ancients, and for good reason: olive oil is still used as a basis for several skin and hair care creams, shampoos, and balms.


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Women in ancient Rome spent several hours in their baths, conversing and adjusting hot and cold water.

Aromatherapy massage

Many beautiful ladies have always enjoyed massages, and when fragrance balms and oils are applied, the session becomes a dream come true.

Textured fabric instead of a scrub


When you don’t have any scrub on hand (or it hasn’t yet been invented), a cloth works well for removing dead skin cells.


Sugar epilation is thousands of years old, and no one knows who came up with the idea. The long-lasting impact was a success with the ladies.

Rosehip and cream balm

Roses for scent, cream for the softest skin you’ve ever had. This recipe is as simple to make as it is delicious.

Honey masks

Honey also has a variety of anti-aging properties that have been known for millennia. For example, anti-cellulite massage is simple: apply honey to the distressed region, press your palm against it, pull your hand away, and repeat.

Henna and Basma

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Women have long used various proportions of henna and Basma to make their hair solid, healthy, and the desired color.

Egg masks

There are many recipes, but the essence is the same: egg masks make hair strong and shiny every time.

Cabbage leaves

Breastfeeding mothers have been using this trick for hundreds of years. When applied directly to the breasts, cabbage leaves’ pain- and inflammation-relieving properties render them calming for mothers.

Sour cream

This was probably discovered by chance when someone washed a dish of sour cream and realized that the next day their hands were soft and tender. If you have some, don’t be afraid to use them on a regular basis.

Lemon juice

If henna and Basma turn your hair red or black, lemon juice and the sun will brighten it. When the blonde is in style, this recipe is still first, and it has been for centuries.


Clay is indispensable to any lady. Radiant skin, strong hair, smooth trouble areas free of cellulite – clay has worked wonders since ancient times.

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