12 Hollywood Celebrities Got Indian Tattoos

A new trend in body art has been emerging over the last few years among celebrities in the West. Tattoos in Hindi and Sanskrit. Whether or not they know the meaning of the words, the language has certainly piqued their interest. And why shouldn’t it? Sanskrit is a profound language.


So we bring you our top picks of celebrities sporting Sanskrit on their skin.


1. Vanessa Hudgens


The tattoo of High School Musical star isn’t uncommon but the way she inked is quite creative. She got tattooed the word ‘Om’ half on her one pinky and another half on her other pinky and when she joins her pinkies, the Om word appears clearly.


2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, a well known Hollywood star famous for her tv series Dark Angel and movie, Fantastic Four is also a businesswoman. Jessica had four tattoos in total but she got one removed. She has a tattoo ‘Padma’ written on her wrist which means lotus.


3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez debuted in the industry with the popular kid’s program, Barney & the Kids when she was only 10 years old. Now, she has become a popular singer and inked around 8 tattoos on her body. One of her tattoos is an ‘Om’ tattoo which inked on her left hip.


4. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for her wacky avatars and oh-so-bizarre costumes. But, her inclination towards Indian belief is clearly shown when she inked the word ‘Om’ on her wrist.


5. Adam Levine Maroon

5 band’s lead Adam Levine’s body carries around 17 tattoos which include Sanskrit tattoo ‘Tapas’ inked above his left pectoral. Once Levine explained the meaning of the word Tapas, he said, it means the inner fire. Though the word has many meanings for Levine, it’s a determination of his own.


6. David Beckham

Beckham, the football sensation decided to express his love for wife by inscribing tattoo on his left arm. He got inked the name of his wife ‘Victoria’ in Hindi but we have to ignore the spelling as the tattoo artist spelt it incorrectly. No matter what, Beckham decided to keep it as is.


7. Brittany Snow

The Pitch Perfect actor found a completely different way to call herself fearless as she tattooed her right ankle with the word ‘Abhay’ which means fearless.


8. Brandy Norwood

This American recording artist is fascinated by Indian gods and got a tattoo of Lord Ganesha’s face on her arm. Norwood believes that the presence of Ganesha would make all her obstacles go away and transform all the negativity of her life into positive energy.


9. Angelina Jolie

Angelina’s love for a tattoo is not hidden to anyone. She has many tattoos inked on her body and one of them is a Buddhist Mantra on her left shoulder blade which she got done in 2003 while adopting Maddox, her son. The tattoo is written in Pali script.


10. Alyssa Milano

Who’s the boss’s lady Alyssa Milano tattooed the word ‘Om’ in a very unconventional way on the nape of her neck. She inked it in an amazingly horizontal way rather than usual vertical way. Om word has a very personal significance in her life and made her inke it on her body.


11. Katy Perry

The singer and Russell Brand’s ex-wife Katy Perry has 8 tattoos on her body and one is a Sanskrit tattoo. While dating Brand, both decided to ink ‘Anuugacchatu Pravaha’ on her right bicep which means ‘go with the flow’.


12. Theo Walcott

With the tattoos inked on Theo’s right hand, one can easily know how much he loves his family. There are four words in Hindi which means ‘Beautiful, Blessed, Strong, Intelligent’ are inked on his hand dedicated to his sister Hollie, his father Don, his brother Ashley, and his mother Lynn.

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