11 Routines Of Elon Musk That Make Him So Successful

Did you ever wonder how good men are spending their days? They remain busy, all right, but occasionally their jam-packed schedules will make you dizzy. Today, we will look at the busy life of Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX founder, and how he spends his days while is trying to revolutionize the way we drive and send humans to Mars.


1. Musk’s workweeks



Tony Stark’s real-life clock is 80 to 100 hours a week at work. He confessed to maintaining his caffeine rate, where eight cups of Diet Coke and multiple cups of coffee were gulped daily, reports Inc. But he had to cut back after he began feeling “jacked” to the point of “losing my peripheral vision” There is now a caffeine-free Diet Coke in his office.


2. His sleeping pattern


After learning that agreement on sleep amounted to lower labor productivity, Musk gets 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep daily. He wakes up at 7 AM and after 1 AM he goes to bed. “In the Reddit AMA, he confirmed, “Sleep is very fine. I notice that if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m pretty grumpy… I could fall under a certain sleep level. I might get less done, even if I could be up for more hours because my mental acuity would be affected.


3. His time at the gym

Finding time to exercise will take a back seat when you work 100 hours a week. But his health is not taken lightly by Musk. He makes sure to visit the gym twice a week in order to keep in shape. Auto Bild TV reports that he performs a cardio exercise on the treadmill and lifts weights at least once or twice a week.


4. Musk’s meals

Musk told Auto Bild TV that there are probably business dinners where he overeats. He doesn’t waste too much time on meals otherwise. During meetings, he normally has his lunch and is finished in five minutes. Usually, he even skips breakfast.


5. His phone calls

Musk wants as few phone calls as possible to answer. Most of them he forgives so that he can stay focused at work. An unknown work email address is also known to be used, which lets him block any unwanted communication, reports Inc.


6. His reading schedule


All good men read, and no exception is Musk. He takes ample time to read his favorite novels, considering his busy life, such as The Lord of the Rings, biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, and Twelve Against the Gods.


7. His parties


Musk is no timid bookworm any more-the guy loves to dance. Some of his legendary parties include a party for 20 guests at an English castle where they played hide-and-seek until 6 AM. He also once held a party in Venice where he came dressed as a knight and owed a parasol to a mini Darth Vader, Entrepreneur reports.


8. His sons


Musk is passionate about spending time with his sons. I can be with them and still be on email, what I find. I can be with them and still work at the same time… If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get my job done,” he told Business Insider. “I wouldn’t be able to get my job done.




9. His showers

Elon Musk claims that there is a shower of the one everyday habit that has had the “largest positive impact” on his life. He still finds time, no matter what, to shower. In the Reddit AMA, he admitted this.



10. Musk’s hobbies


From his tweets, Musk’s fondness for video games is evident. He once said he liked listening to music in his car and even enjoyed an occasional film, Quartz reports.


11. His weekends

Maybe Elon Musk is a very busy guy, but he knows how to enjoy his weekends. Although Saturdays are reserved for the quality family time he spends with his sons, his Bel Air mansion is committed to traveling or staying on Sundays.


You now know how challenging Musk’s timetables are. The strong businessman packs together everything from five-minute lunches to spending time with his sons.

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