11 People Speak About Mental Health Proving Money And Fame Have Nothing To Do With It

If you’re anyone who follows Bollywood, you’d know the kind of celebrities going through struggles. Sushant Sing Rajput’s recent death opened up a can of worms for the industry.


The last 3 months have revolved around the dark side of showbiz, whether it’s the role of drugs or myths about SSR coping with depression. The downside of it is often known to those who know Bollywood as glamourous.


Many have written about their mental health issues in the past. So here are 11 people who, despite being celebrities, have wanted to end the stigma and have proven that money and fame have nothing to do with it.


1. Ira Khan

The daughter of Aamir Khan recently spoke about her courageous battle with mental health. “For over four years now, I have been sad. I went to the hospital… but now I’m doing much better. “I’ve wanted to do something for mental health for over a year, but I wasn’t sure what to do,” she used the chance on World Mental Health Day and shared a video on Instagram.


“In conclusion, Ira Khan concluded the video with, “What do I have to be sad about? Mentioning that fame or wealth has nothing to do with depression, exactly.


2. Rashami Desai

In Naagin and Bigg Boss, Rashami was last seen and it was truly a fiery show. One would never have realized she was going through her combat package, too.


“Rashami said in a candid and exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, “I have been in a deep depression for almost four years, and I just wanted to leave life. I didn’t want anyone’s face to be seen. When you expect something and get something else, you know, and life can offer you surprises in many ways, and if you’re not prepared to lead the truth, it’s hard for you somehow. I did well professionally because I was still faithful to my job and I used to feel happy when working. Really, the only thing that made me come out of depression is work. This has given me more strength, more life. I never let that influence my work personally, regardless of what I was going through. Yet my life is an open book.


3. Lauren Gottleib

Information about her depression was disclosed by ABCD actress Lauren. She also spoke about her addiction to alcohol and narcotics. She revealed that she had gone to the United States, where she was taken to a seminar by her friend.


While putting her mask on, Lauren had to talk to 500 people. She burst into tears all of a sudden, and the mask came off at the same time. In front of people, the actor felt more like herself. Lauren thought, recalling that, ‘ugly’ and ‘vulnerable’. Since Lauren has learned to let go, she now feels comfortable talking about her anxiety and depression.


4. Rhea Chakraborty

An entire witch hunt started after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, where Rhea was called a gold digger and also the reason why Sushant committed suicide. However, Rhea recently disclosed how she was taking therapy for her anxiety in an interview with India Today.


She had called the therapist for her session at Sushant’s house on 8 June 2020, but he told her to go home as his sister was coming over. Remembering the same thing, Rhea said she was hurt because she felt that Sushant, who was grappling with the same thing, would understand her situation because her parents had no knowledge of her depression.


5. Deepika Padukone

In 2014, she was diagnosed with depression, but she spoke about it much later. Deepika remembered how she was unable to say whether it was a mental condition. Her mother knew that she needed medical assistance. She said that there was no specific way for her to feel a certain way and that there were days when she would either break down or go to sleep for hours.


Deepika suffered from major anxiety, despite a professional high. This was one of the reasons she founded the cornerstone of Live, Love, Laugh to raise awareness of the mental illness.


6. Shaheen Bhatt

For as long as she can remember, she has been feeling anxiety in her novel, she mentions. Shaheen was diagnosed with depression at 18, but since she was 13, she has felt the same way. She frankly speaks about dealing with depression and surviving it. Shaheen writes in her novel, I have never been unhappier, how she loved being the center of attention before Alia came by.


7. Sunaina Roshan

The sister of Hrithik Roshan, Sunaina, may not be in the spotlight, but her health has always been concerned. Sunaina has been through a fractured engagement, has dealt with diabetes and high blood pressure, and has also been fighting depression.


Sunaina had written about her anxiety in her journal two years earlier. Because you have to talk to an unbiased person who can guide you, I still see a counselor. I want to reach out to people who suffer from this mental illness, which needs to be treated like any other physical illness,”I still see a counselor, because you have to talk to an unbiased person who can guide you. I want to reach out to people who suffer from this mental ailment, which needs to be treated like any other physical ailment,”I want to reach out to people who suffer from this mental illness.


8. Zaira Wasim

‘You’re too young to be sad,’ or ‘this is just a phase,’ Zaira struggled with anything other than her mental disorder. She went to Instagram to speak about her condition in 2018. Zaira spills out how she was too ashamed to speak about it simply because of the stigma attached to the subject.


9. Ileana D’cruz

Also, the most famous stars have had to fight the worst of their fears. Ileana was suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and depression. It is and needs to be handled as a chemical imbalance in your brain.


Don’t sit back and think it’s going to be all right, but go get help. If you have depression, seek help,” she said, urging people to be like Winnie the Pooh as if you have a sprain and go get yourself checked.” “She said in a Mental Health awareness forum, “He wore a crop top, ate his favorite food all day, and enjoyed himself, you should too.


10. Honey Singh

He was at the highest point where he saw his life’s darkest moment. Honey Singh had everything for him, his music videos were produced by the biggest labels, his songs were rapped by the biggest stars, he churned out great music every week and judged India’s Raw Star, and then suddenly he vanished.


People were telling me where I’d been missing for two and a half years. So then I felt that speaking up was necessary. I was unwell and I was fine. During that process, I remember making Dheere Dheere for Hrithik Roshan and it turned out to be the biggest success at that time. The family was a constant support for him, he claims. “The entire family and friends took care of me. In fact, there are many people from the industry who supported me. Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone helped me and since Deepika has also been through a similar phase, so she shared a Delhi-based doctor’s number with my family for me. They all prayed for me to get well and main theek ho gaya.”


11. Sanjay Dutt

The actor battled substance abuse in his early 20s and more. He had told Zee News earlier: “I was very close to my mom, and I almost went into depression when she died.” I got into drugs then, which is something that I regret the most today.

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