11 Mistakes in Superhero Movies That Run Counter to Any Logic

The production of movies and comic books requires the hard work of many people. As a rule, they try to think through every little thing when creating the detailed worlds and personalities of the main characters. However, little flaws and mistakes can slip through even the most scrupulous approach. The most attentive and demanding viewers will notice them all.

Bright Side gathered 11 logical mistakes for you from superhero movies that you could’ve missed behind the curtain of bombastic action.

11. Spider-Man and a solid lamp

When Peter Parker was trying to find out how his web-shooters worked, he accidentally pulled a lamp and smashed it on the wall. However, a couple of minutes later when his aunt knocks on his door, we can see the whole and intact lamp in the same place where it was before shattering.

10. Spider-Man and the time mix-up

The Spider-Man story has a logical flaw. It’s mainly connected with the fact that the movie creators couldn’t decide when exactly the whole plot of the movie took place.

  • In Captain America: Civil War things happen in 2016.
  • In Civil War, the Secretary of State says that the first attack on New York happened 4 years ago. So, the events of The Avengers must have happened in 2012.
  • A couple of months after Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place. However, the movie begins with a retrospective view. Namely, clearing away the wreckage left after the first fight of the Avengers against the invaders.
  • After this scene, we’re told that 8 years passed before the main plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming begins (remember that this should’ve taken place 2 months after Captain America: Civil War).
  • It turns out, that instead of 2 months it’s been 4 years between Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • This suggests a bigger problem: if Spider-Man: Homecoming took place 8 years after The Avengers, it means, that Spider-Man’s main plot happened in 2020 — 2 years after Avengers: Infinity War. But, Spider-Man has yet to be accepted to the Avengers’ team.

Well, maybe Spider-Man is a time traveler and in 8 years he returns to the events of 4 years ago. Either way, it just doesn’t make any sense.

9. Thor and the sides of the world

There’s a geographic mistake in Thor where he chooses to go in the wrong direction. It begins with the wrong identification of the sides of the world. When the thunder god decides to find his hammer, he finds out that the artifact is in the west. Thor looks at the sun to identify the direction he should move toward.

Since it happened in the morning, the sun was in the east. All objects cast shadows to the west. Thor’s shadow was cast to the left of him, thus, he was walking to the north (which is the wrong direction for him).

8. Man of Steel and the time zones

The creators of Man of Steel, the movie about Superman, don’t know much about geography either. In this story the aliens from planet Crypton are transmitting a message to humans. It appears simultaneously on all TV screens on the planet. However, despite the difference in time zones, it’s nighttime everywhere on the planet based on what we see in the movie. It’s impossible for this to happen.

7. The traveling of Loki’s scepter

At the end of The Avengers, we see Black Widow holding Loki’s scepter. This powerful and dangerous artifact finally ended up in the hands of the Avengers, and obviously, they should’ve kept it safe. However, at the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron we find out that the scepter has fallen into the hands of Hydra. But we don’t know how this happened.

The answer can be found in the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (there, Hydra steals the scepter and other valuable artifacts). On the other hand, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is much less popular than the movies about the Avengers, that’s why many superhero team enthusiasts got confused.

6. Loki and his telepathy

  • At the end of Thor, Thor’s sworn brother Loki falls into space and goes into a black hole.
  • After that, Thor and his father Odin, the ruler of Asgard, have a private conversation during which Thor confesses that Odin is the wisest ruler Asgard could ever have.
  • At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Thor approaches Odin to talk again.
  • Odin remembers Thor’s words about his wise rule and asks him if Thor still stays true to his beliefs.

However, in this scene, there’s no Odin, but Loki disguised as his father. It’s unclear how he found out about Thor and Odin’s private conversation.

5. Mr. Freeze is lucky.

A villain from Batman & Robin, Mr. Freeze, is unbelievably lucky.

  • First, when he freezes Robin, who is holding a diamond in his hand, he manages to avoid freezing the precious stone. As a result, the villain easily gets the diamond from Robin’s hand. Logically, to grab the diamond he should’ve had to deal with a layer of ice on it first.
  • Second, Batman chooses to get into a comfortable position when Mr. Freeze pins him to the wall. Looks like the superhero deliberately stands straight and raises his hands so that it would be more convenient for the villain to freeze him.

4. Batman and the crowd

This mistake was noticed only by the most attentive fans, who must have watched The Dark Knight at least several times. In the scene up on the roof, the helicopter’s searchlight cast the light on a room with a lot of people in it.

Obviously, the movie crew accidentally got in the camera shot while they were watching the filming process.

3. One actor plays 2 movie roles.

In the Marvel universe, 2 superheroes look exactly alike. They are both played by Chris Evans.

  • In Fantastic Four, a movie based on the Marvel comic series, Chris Evans plays Johnny Storm, commonly referred to as Human Torch.
  • But in the movies about the Avengers, Evans appears as Captain America.

It’s worth mentioning here that Fantastic Four was produced by 20th Century Fox instead of Marvel.

2. Wolverine’s sudden vulnerability

As we know, Wolverine’s skeleton is made of extremely strong adamantium. However, when a policeman shoots at him, the mutant falls down unconscious and the bullet gets right into his head.

But if Wolverine’s bones are as solid as we were told, how did the bullet get through his skull and knock him down? At least his regeneration abilities didn’t fail him and in a couple of minutes he was as good as new.

1. Where does the Ant-Man’s strength come from?

Ant-Man can turn into a real giant by expanding the distance between the atoms of his body. At the same time, he acquires superhuman strength that allows him to move buses and even airplanes. Where does this strength come from?

According to the comic book, Ant-Man can lift 4 times the mass of his own body while wearing his suit. However, even if the distance between the atoms of his body get expanded, his mass remains the same. The weight of an airplane is much more than the weight of 4 men. His weight should remain the same even when Ant-Man gets smallerAnd yet, the hero manages to carry a tank in his pocket.

There’s another thing, as the theory goes Ant-Man can’t get smaller than the total sum of the sizes of his own atoms (only the distance between them shrinks). But at the end, he gets smaller than 1 atom and moves to the quantum world. How did he do that? No one knows the answer.

As we can see, even superheroes who are always ready to save our world from any type of danger aren’t that perfect. Have you noticed any mistakes in superhero movies? Maybe you’ll add a couple of interesting facts to this list. Share them with us in the comments.

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