10 Things Guys Want To Do To Their Girlfriends’ Boobs!

There isn’t a single straight guy on the planet who doesn’t like a girl’s boobs, ladies. And most of us have a big wish list of ways we’d like to explore them – even if we’d never say it out loud! Here’s a look at some of the things guys want to do to a girl’s boobs…

1. Just look at them for a long, long time…

Seriously, they’re stunning, and we don’t have them… So, at the very least, we should spend a lot of time admiring their beauty, right?

2. Squeeze ’em!

Yes, we realise how childish this sounds, but it’s the truth. They’re soft but firm and lively! What could be a better method to keep our hands engaged than by occupying them with your boobs?

3. Bite, of course.

No, not hard; we’re talking about small bites that don’t hurt but instead make you feel fantastic. However, you have no idea how delicious your boobs are, ladies. We can’t help but be a little greedy and bite them.

4. Watch them bounce!

One of the reasons we adore your boobs is that they don’t just remain put; they move as well. If only you would run or leap more regularly so we could see them in action!

5. Use them as our pillow…

A male would have to be superhuman to resist the impulse to bury his face in a girl’s boobs, which are soft, warm, and gorgeous. Best night’s sleep ever.

6. Watch you touch them!

No, we don’t simply see ourselves touching you; we imagine you touching us as well. It’s so tempting to imagine your hands massaging, squeezing, and pinching your boobs till they’re completely turned on.

7. Look at pictures of them…

Even if you aren’t with us, we’d like to be able to see them — and not only in our heads! NO MAN EVER stated, “Don’t send me a boob pic.” And if you’d ever let us take a picture of us actually touching (and possibly licking) your boobs, we’d be in ecstasy.

8. Boob job, of course.

We can’t stop ourselves from putting them in our hands and pressing them against our faces – so you can imagine how much hotter it is to contemplate pressing them against our most sensitive parts…!

9. Um, finish on them…

Ladies, no matter how strange you think this is, we’d be eternally grateful if you could just let us do this once. Promise.

10. Touch them anywhere, everywhere and always.

Yes, they’re that appealing. We don’t do it all of the time because: a) we don’t want you to think of us as pervy and obsessed; and b) we don’t want to go to jail for indecent behaviour in public!

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