10+ Situations Where Something Went Unexpectedly Wrong

Usually, we strive to capture the most thrilling and fascinating things that are happening to us. But because of a stupid event or poor luck, sometimes things don’t go as expected. Do you know the pictures taken at these moments turn into masterpieces? It’s a little bit paradoxical, isn’t it?

1. He doesn’t expect this.

2. This is what happens when a 2-year-old kid has a birthday party that is science-themed.

3. “When you want to get “the cool Instagram image.

© VaclavHavel / pikabu

4. Not the best idea

5. Don’t even try shaving your own hair.

6. At least they had a big shot (but not a selfie).

 zukachimoto / pikabu

7. He didn’t have any idea what to expect.

 GallowBoob / reddit

 8. Who’s extra?

© Cliggaveli / twitter

9. Mickey Mouse had other plans.

 supercoincidence / reddit

10. “My cousin thought the alligator could handle him.”

 thunderousNaysayer / reddit

11 “Dad got angry when we weren’t working together for a Christmas photo of our family.”

© bdun774 / reddit

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